yes I’m participating in the perennial charity event No-Shave Noboyfriend


if I ever get hit by a bus and die then none of you will ever know what happened to me because this blog is a secret and I legit worry about this on a daily basis

Me: yeah I pretty much lead a double-life like a badass spy
Me: *logs into tumblr I've never mentioned to my family*
Me: *hums mission impossible theme*

if you think death is the scariest thing, you have not yet had a poster fall off your bedroom wall at 3AM

accidentally clicking Browse in photoshop

how mad would you be if they cloned you and your clone went everywhere with you and even though people have no way to tell you apart, they always ended up liking the clone just slightly more

What if your Pandora channel is actually run by a really stressed-out guy who’s trying his best to individually choose every song for you and every time you hit Next his feelings are really hurt

I have like 78 unread emails and honestly the thought of opening any of them makes me almost cry

Me: OMG you're my favorite blogger I love your posts I'm gonna stalk your blog for 46 hours!!!
Your Blog: ♫ autopl- ♪
Me: bye

tumblr’s new activity feature doubles as a perfectly accurate graph of my mood over the past 72 hours